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LG's Amazing Rollable TV Is Becoming a Real Product This January

LG will reportedly present a consumer-ready rollable TV at CES 2019. The display division of LG demonstrated a fully rollable OLED display at CES 2018, which looked like a dream come true, but was not a consumer product.

But this year, you better get your wallets ready.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

This information comes to us from Engadget, which also says that LG will be showing off a foldable screen phone, which was earlier leaked by Evan Blass on Twitter.

LG’s current OLED TVs are by far the best available. Samsung’s misleading QLED displays can’t compete with the contrast, clarity, and color range of the LGs. The latter’s signature series — which are flexible but not rollable — are simply incredible in person.

Why a rollable TV, you say? Well, to start with, TVs are an eyesore in the living room. The compact rectangle from where the TV rolls out can be easily hidden. Then, when you need your giant 65-inch UHD TV, you just need to turn it on for it to unroll.

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It's like having the elegant solution of a projector system without having to compromise on image quality and contrast in daylight. Even better, since you don’t need to have a projector hanging somewhere — another eyesore.

But as Tom’s Guide’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Spoonauer pointed out on his eyes-on impressions with the LG Display prototype last January, the advantages of this design go beyond the aesthetics, thanks to the clever way it uses its rolling abilities.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The prototype has three modes: In the first one, it only unrolls one third of the way, allowing you to see information in separate tiles for stuff like weather and news. If you go to the second mode, it unrolls until you end up with a 21:9 screen, which will match the aspect ratio of ultra-wide movies like Dunkirk or Star Wars. On the third mode, the impossibly thin screen unrolls completely for 16:9 aspect ratio, used in most movies and series.

For sure, this rollable TV will be a formidable piece of technology that will be years ahead of anyone else.

Only two months left.

  • jsmithepa
    Fad or best thing since sliced bread. I dunno.

    These "membrane" TVs seem delicate, and I don't see the already thin-bezels that much of a hassle or aesthetically displeasing, and the membranes have this "tail" sticking out from behind so it doesn't really free you from having to route this cable behind wall if one want the slick, no-cable look. How does one mount this membrane, needs special wall preparation? Am leaning toward FAD.