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Connected Wine Bottle Is High-Tech Way to Get Buzzed

Once a bottle of wine is opened, air can spoil its contents within a week. Kuvee's new smart bottle aims to keep your Chardonnay fresh for up to a month, and also make it easier for you to order more of your favorite vintage. Available today (March 28) for pre-order for $179, I went hands-on — and bottoms-up — with Kuvee's smart bottle, expected to ship this fall.

Kuvee's smart bottle consists of two pieces: an outer shell made of plastic and metal, containing a touchscreen, and a removable bottle insert that contains the wine itself. The bottle, which is a standard 750ml size, will be made out of plastic (the demo was aluminum), and contains an inert gas which expands to keep air out as you pour the wine. Each bottle has a small RFID tag so that the appropriate label is displayed on the outer shell's touchscreen.

The screen can show off more than what you're drinking; as it's connected to the cloud via Wi-Fi, you can also use it to order new bottles of wine and look up ratings and more information about the vineyard. The screen also lets you rate the wines yourself and look up pairing notes. It even tells you when the bottle is running low.

The wines I tasted from the Kuvee — a Cartlidge & Brown Chardonnay and an Ancient Oak Cellars Pinot Noir — were both very pleasing to the palate. The outer shell, while larger than a typical wine bottle, was still fairly easy to hold, courtesy of two grooves along each side.

As of now, Kuvee set up partnerships with 12 wineries (including Bonny Doon, Schug and Pine Ridge), who will sell about 48 wines for the Kuvee system. Most bottles will range in price from $15 to $50.

With the pre-order, Kuvee is offering its smart bottle as well as four bottles of wine for $179. The company will initially ship to residents in California and Massachusetts in October 2016, with other states starting in December. Unfortunately, you can't refill the bottles yourself, and the company will ship wine only to states that permit it. But if you can get it, Kuvee's smart wine bottle is an interesting high-tech take on a very old industry.

Mike Prospero

Michael A. Prospero is the deputy editor at Tom’s Guide overseeing the smart home, drones, and fitness/wearables categories. When he’s not testing out the latest running watch, skiing or training for a marathon, he’s probably using the latest sous vide machine or some other cooking gadget.