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iPhone SE 2 Faces Major Delay (Report)

It looks like the new low-cost iPhone SE model from Apple won't hit store shelves as soon as expected.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Apple hasn't directed its manufacturing partners to begin work on its upcoming iPhone SE 2 yet and likely won't be able to get the smartphone to store shelves until September, the usually reliable Apple-tracking site Macotakara is reporting.

According to that report, Apple has some decisions to make before the iPhone SE 2 can enter production. The tech giant has reportedly "not yet made a final decision" on the iPhone SE 2's design and is currently testing several prototypes to arrive at a choice. Those prototypes run the gamut from an iPhone SE-lookalike to a device that features a big, 6-inch screen, according to the report.

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The report added that all of the prototypes Apple is testing for the iPhone SE 2 to come with a notch like the one you'd find in the iPhone X. The prototypes also reportedly support Apple's 3D face scanner Face ID.

The addition of Face ID and the notch suggests Apple is considering a major revision to the iPhone SE 2's design. And if the company moves to a 6-inch model, it's entirely possible that the iPhone SE 2 could come with a much higher price.

But there's another side to this report. We've been hearing for months that Apple is planning three new smartphones this year. One of them will be a successor to the iPhone X and another will have a 6.5-inch screen called the iPhone X Plus, according to reports. The third model, featuring a 6.1-inch screen, will apparently feature a 6.1-inch LCD display. It'll also come with a notch and a design similar to the iPhone X.

All of those details — if they're accurate — could make some question whether Macotakara's sources are talking about the 6.1-inch iPhone 9 instead of the iPhone SE 2. And that would also make sense with Macotakara's sources saying the iPhone SE 2 would hit store shelves alongside the iPhone X in September instead of earlier.

But alas, this is all just speculation. And like every Apple rumor, it should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt until we know more.