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Huge iOS 12 Leak: Universal Apps, FaceTime Animoji, and More

While Apple's iOS 12 will reportedly focus on performance instead of new features, it appears the new OS will still have some unexpected tricks up its sleeve.

Internally, these new features are part of a release codenamed "Peace," which Bloomberg speculates will be iOS 12. The universal apps, which will allow for apps to work across iPhone, iPads and Macs could greatly improve both the iOS and macOS ecosystems (including Apple's own apps, like News and Home) and is thought to also be part of a release called "Liberty," possibly macOS 10.14.

This sounds similar to how Android apps can run on Chromebooks, or how Microsoft's UWP system allows for the same app to run across, phones, PCs, tablets and smart home devices.

Other upcoming features include a redesign of the stock app, greater Siri integration with search and more options for Do Not Disturb mode.

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But the most popular new feature could be an evolution of Animoji, the animated characters that mirror your movements in the Messages app. Bloomberg says more characters are on the way, and Apple will be rolling out a "more easily navigated menu."

In addition, Animojis are said to be coming to the iPad, and a new version of the tablet will debut with a Face ID camera. Last but not least, Apple will reportedly integrate Animojis wiith FaceTime. So you'll be able to chat as one of these avatars.

Bloomberg also suggests that some features won't hit until 2019, including tabs for iOS to run multiple apps in a single window on an iPad.

Some iOS 11 features still have yet to be seen, so Apple's timetable is uncertain. For instance, iCloud Sync is still missing in action.

“This change is Apple beginning to realize that schedules are not being hit, stuff is being released with bugs – which previously would not have happened,” a person familiar with the company told Bloomberg.

A new design for iOS's home screen is reportedly among the features cut from the next release, but if we get some stability (and my iMessages start showing up in the right order), it may be worth the wait.

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