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Instagram Events Cure Your Concert FOMO

There's little that can make me as ticked off as missing out on a major concert. It's not the most unfortunate thing ever (by a long shot) but it always stings when I have to hear about it the next morning rather than experience it live. So, imagine my delight when Instagram announced Event Channels: a new way to stream the very best footage of the biggest shows.

Credit: Instagram

(Image credit: Instagram)

Instagram's new Event Channel feed won't just cover live music concerts, it'll also pick up and share clips from sporting events and other major happenings. This way, one hopes, Instagram can share the perfect views from celebrations like the Lambeau Leap at Green Bay Packers games, as well as important political moments including passionate protests and stirring speeches.

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Instagram says it will curate Event Channels for individuals, so its up to you to follow all the people and musicians that you care about. As always, you can find Instagram's Channels by tapping on the Explore magnifying glass icon in the bottom row and scrolling. These video clip-shows typically take up the full width of the screen and feature a play button icon.

While I've often found live concert clips by going through Snapchat Stories posted by my friends, this new channel on Instagram has the potential to do its rival app one better. Scouring all Instagram users is a lot more effective for finding interesting events than just going through my circle of friends.

Also, while Instagram doesn't explain how it will source these videos, I recommend using the geotagging feature for any footage you want to share with the whole network. You're more likely to get picked up by the network if you tag your Radiohead concert footage with Madison Square Garden than posting it by itself.

Event Channels can only be found in the United States for now, but Instagram says it is "working to bring this experience to the rest of the world soon."

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