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How to Pre-Order the Oculus Go

If you're in the market for a new Oculus VR headset and don't want to spend several hundred dollars to get one, now's the time to head over to Amazon.

Credit: Oculus

(Image credit: Oculus)

The e-retail giant late on Monday night (Apr. 30) quietly started offering pre-orders on the $199 Oculus Go. And although some eagle-eyed observers started placing pre-orders as soon as they were offered, the option has since been taken offline. As of this writing, if you try to pre-order the device, Amazon's listing page says that it's unavailable.

Still, you shouldn't expect to wait long.

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Later today (May 1), Facebook will be hosting its keynote at its F8 developers conference. While much of the discussion is expected to center on privacy and data protection, Amazon's offering of a pre-order on the site suggests that the Oculus Go pre-order and launch date might also be announced at the show. If you want to get your hands on a Go as soon as it's available, you can sign up for email alerts on the headset's Amazon page.

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The Oculus Go is made up of two components: a headset that sits over the eyes and a remote that you hold in your hand while you're playing games or interact with other virtual reality content. Facebook said that out of the box, the headset will be compatible with more than 1,000 games, social apps, and 360-degree "experiences." You can also watch programming from the device via Hulu and Netflix.

When Amazon offered the device on pre-order, there were some important details missing. For one, the company didn't say when the device would launch and instead used a placeholder of Dec. 31. Aside from that, Amazon offered guaranteed launch date release and gave customers the option to trade in old games and hardware to defray the Oculus VR's cost.

Amazon has left the Oculus Go page up and will likely update it soon with all the details to once again pre-order the device.