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Google Wi-Fi Smokes Other Routers in Speed Test

There's a new wireless war raging, with multiple newfangled mesh routers vying to kill Wi-Fi dead zones in your abode. And Google claims that it's the champ before its mesh networking system, called Google Wi-Fi, even hits the market.

You may have heard of Luma, which starts at $299 for its "Surround Wi-Fi" system that includes a three-pack of routers. Eero is another high-end competitor, which starts at $199 for a single router. Opting for a two-pack (good for apartments and small homes) costs $349, and it will run you $499 for a three-pack.

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Google Wi-Fi starts at $129 for the router and goes up by $299 for a three-pack, which is designed to cover a 4,000-square foot home.

Google partnered with a third-party firm called Allion USA to conduct the testing, which involved two units from each of the above systems in a 3,000-square foot, two-story home. Allion measured speeds at four different locations.

Credit: Google and Allion USA

(Image credit: Google and Allion USA)

Based on the results, Google Wi-Fi emerged victorious in all of the locations, offering 75 percent faster speeds than Eero in the living room and twice the speed of the Luma. In an upstairs bedroom, Google's mesh networking system was 23 Mbps faster than Luma and 5x faster than Eero.

The systems' results were closer in other locations, such as bedroom 2, which was near the wired Internet connection, but overall Google Wi-Fi seems to provide better throughput at longer distances. Google says that each Wi-Fi point boasts high-gain antennas and powerful amplifiers.

We'll be putting these claims to the test once we get Google Wi-Fi in our labs. We'll also use more than one laptop, as Allion used only a MacBook Air. But for now it seems promising, especially given its lower price compared to the Luma and Eero.