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Get Ready for the Google Pixel XXL

Google might be planning a new, third Pixel device this year, if a recent leak is any indication.

The folks over at Google-tracking site Droid Life say that they've confirmed through "multiple sources" that Google has a third Pixel device in the works codenamed "taimen."

The Pixel XXL could dwarf Google's other phones. Credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: The Pixel XXL could dwarf Google's other phones. Credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide )

Also known as the Pixel XXL, it would sit alongside "muskie" and "walleye," the codenames Google has assigned for its two other Pixel 2 smartphones.

The name Google has chosen is notable. The company has for years used fish breeds as codenames and in many cases, the types of fish and their size provide some hints at what the company might be thinking.

While muskie and walleye are believed to refer to refreshes to the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, a taimen is a rather large fish breed and notably bigger than the muskie and walleye. It's believed, then, that Google is planning what could be a Pixel XXL for later this year, a device that delivers a much screen design than its predecessor.

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Rumors are starting to fly about Google's plans for its future smartphones. According to several reports, the company is working on upgrades to the Google Pixeland Google Pixel XL that should reach store shelves this fall. The devices will likely deliver minor design upgrades over their predecessors, but ship with updated Snapdragon processors and better cameras. These will also probably be the first devices to ship with Google's upcoming Android O operating system.

For its part, Google has remained tight-lipped about its plans and has not confirmed whether it will offer two or three new devices later this year.

While it's possible that taimen could be a high-end smartphone with a screen size that approaches or exceeds 6 inches, there's also some speculation it could be a tablet that could come with the Pixel branding.

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