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New Chrome 66 Released: Here Are the Top Features

Google's Chrome 66 has launched. And it comes with a host of features that could make the broader browsing experience far better.

Credit: Jeramey Lende/Shutterstock

(Image credit: Jeramey Lende/Shutterstock)

Chief among the new additions is a muting feature that automatically turns off the sound on any videos on a webpage that automatically play. Google's feature means content that is already muted will be allowed to autoplay in the browser. However, if the video's audio automatically plays, it'll be muted.

In order to circumvent that muting, Google's Chrome 66 will play content β€” audio and all β€” if the user had previously been on the page and in some way interacted with the content on that page. Google will also allow for audio to play if you frequently play content on the page.

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On the security front, Google has surfaced a feature in Chrome 66 that makes it easy to export passwords that you can then import into other browsers. The browser has also stopped trusting Symantec SSL certificates for allegedly failing to address Internet security concerns on and The move could see some sites that were previously listed as secure now appear as insecure in the Chrome 66 browser.

Under the hood, you can expect some improved performance and new security features that will safeguard you from Spectre, among other threats.

Google is rolling out Chrome 66 to Windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS. And like previous versions, Chrome 66 is a free update.

Chrome is the world's most popular browser, according to data from NetMarketShare. The browser now has 60.1 percent market share worldwide on the desktop and laptop, topping Microsoft's Internet Explorer at 12.5 percent share. Firefox is in third place at 12 percent share, followed by Microsoft's Edge at 4.1 percent.

On mobile, Chrome owns 61.6 percent market share, according to NetMarketShare. Apple's Safari is in second place at 27.7 percent share.