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Instagram-Like Stories Coming to Google: How to Preview

Google has a new plan to spice up your Gmail and search results: its own version of Snapchat Stories.

While the Gmail version of Stories has yet to debut, you can try out the search results version of its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Stories for yourself today.

Having seen the version Google's implemented in its search engine, I'm pleasantly surprised with the results, which feel like a great way to show content on a smartphone rather than like a weak imitation of the popular social app.

The Gmail version of AMP Stories is currently unavailable for testing, as Google's limiting all access to developers who apply on behalf of their company and have a legal contact who can sign a non-disclosure agreement. According to a story published by The Verge, Google envisions AMP for Email as a way to embed widgets in emails, so content is always up-to-date, unlike a regular email, which stays static once sent.

1. On your phone, navigate to

2. Search for one of the AMP Stories partner publications, such as CNN, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan and People.

3. Tap on one of results under Visual Stories.

4. Tap on the right side of the screen to advance the story a slide, tap the left third of the screen to move back.

We look forward to seeing more of this new look for AMP, including the Gmail version, as it rolls out throughout the year.

  • viewzim
    another way for google to brainwash the masses with their globalist agenda, no thanks!
  • Askanison40
    What Viewzim said. I'll pass on an app that farms CNN fake News (Very Fake News) stories. How long will the non-thinking masses keep drinking the kool-aid?