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Here's How Face ID Will Unlock iPhone X

Apple's next iPhone is just a day away from being unveiled, but an iOS developer has already uncovered a new feature hiding inside the company's iOS 11 gold master.

Developer Guilherme Rambo over the weekend discovered the preferences panel and set-up process for Apple's Face ID, the name of Apple's rumored facial-scanning feature in the iPhone X.

According to several screenshots Rambo released on Twitter, the process to set up Face ID will be quite similar to that of Touch ID. The preferences give you the option of using Face ID to unlock your iPhone, make payments via iTunes and the App Store, and even auto-fill your Safari dialog boxes. You can also decide whether to keep your passcode turned on or off.

To enroll your face in the service, the iPhone activates its front-facing camera, according to Rambo. It then displays a smiley face in the center that you need to position your face over. As long as the frame is properly aligned, your face will be saved inside the system.

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Rambo, like other iOS developers, has access to the iOS 11 betas that Apple has been releasing to get ready for this fall. While Apple has tried to keep new features hidden, including sketches of the silhouette for its upcoming iPhone X, the company hasn't been all that effective. And over the last several weeks, developers like Rambo have uncovered previously unannounced features.

The Face ID discovery all but confirms that Apple will indeed be offering a face scanner in the iPhone X. The discovery comes after months of speculation that Apple was ditching the physical home button in the iPhone X, leaving no room for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Apple thus needed to replace it with a face scanner to still allow for secure access to the iPhone and other features.

Beyond that, the iPhone X should come with a revamped design, featuring a screen that nearly entirely covers its face and an all-glass enclosure bolstered by a stainless steel chassis. The iPhone X is also expected to offer wireless charging and could cost upwards of $1,000 when it's released this fall.

Credit: Apple

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