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D-Vine Connected System Selects Wine for Every Occasion

Between color, temperature, pairings and aeration, assessing wine is a tasty hobby, but a complicated one. Everyday wine-drinkers might be able to get away with a bottle of two-buck chuck and some takeout, but true oenophiles want the perfect glass under the perfect conditions. While it’s not cheap, the D-Vine Connected Wine Bar can elevate wine for food pairings, parties or simply because you feel like indulging.

What Does It Do?

I went hands-on with D-Vine at CES Unveiled, and it does a lot more than I expected a wine-serving system to do. Its primary purpose is to take wine, which comes prepackaged in special capsules, and serve them at the proper temperature and level of aeration.

You can put a capsule in and have the system detect it, or use the machine’s LCD interface to select a wine for a specific food pairing or social occasion. The software connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, which allows companies to add new wines over time, and users to rate and share their favorite selections.

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How Does It Taste?

Although I’m admittedly more of a beer guy than a wine aficionado, I could taste a significant difference before and after the wine went through the system. I tried both a white and a red: a Chardonnay and a Bordeaux, specifically. Beforehand, the Chardonnay tasted bitter, and the Bordeaux tasted flat; both were too warm. After running them through D-Vine, the Chardonnay tasted mildly sweet and the Bordeaux tasted rich. Regulating this level of temperature and aeration with only a refrigerator would have been too imprecise.

Pricing and Availability

At present, the D-Vine is available only in France for 819 euros ($931). However, the company will ship all around the world, including to the U.S. A version for restauranteurs is already available; a consumer model will ship sometime later in 2017.

As D-Vine comes from France, only French wines are currently available, but the company plans to expand to California, Australia and New Zealand soon.

Why Should You Care?

While D-Vine is a bit too expensive for casual wine fans, those who insist on a high-quality glass or two every night could find that it’s worth the price of admission. The difference between having a good glass of wine and a great glass of wine every single night could be quite significant.