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AirPods 2 Release Date Could Be March 29 (Report)

The hotly anticipated Apple AirPods 2 might be on sale by the end of March. That is, if a new, strangely reasoned claim turns out to be true.

The original AirPods. Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: The original AirPods. Credit: Tom's Guide)

The claim comes from Applesfera, a Spanish website (via 9to5Mac) who cites an anonymous source who works with Apple suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region.

The source sent Applesfera a screenshot of the AirPods’ entry in their stock management software, which as you can see below, gives the European date 28/03/19.

Credit: Applesfera

(Image credit: Applesfera)

It interprets this as saying the AirPods are due to go out of stock on the 28th, and will then be replaced by the new model. The site’s source says this date marks the end of the current AirPods’ life cycle.

However, it could just be that the AirPods in this system are currently out of stock and this date is merely the estimated time of arrival for the next batch. Perhaps the unrecorded comments from the source prove otherwise. But, from what they’re showing here, it doesn’t look like concrete evidence of the AirPods 2 being on their way.

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This said, there have been other rumours putting the next generation AirPods’ release at the end of March. A Greek site, iPhoneHellas (via 9to5Mac), citing a source in Apple’s production chain in China, said earlier in February that we can expect the AirPods 2, the AirPower charging mats, and a new version of the iPad by Mar. 29. This will be preceded by an Apple event in the second half of March, with pre-orders opening on Mar. 22.

According to earlier reporting, Apple will host an event on Mar. 25. This is apparently to talk about an upcoming news subscription service, according to BuzzFeed, which originally broke the story. However, this hasn’t stopped fans hoping that there will be a surprise product reveal at this meeting too.

A more reliable rumor, albeit with a less specific time scale, comes from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s report. This one says that the AirPods 2, along with AirPower, will be on sale in the first half of 2019.

The new AirPods themselves are thought to include many new features and upgrades over the original models. These include a new material for the earbuds’ bodies, voice-only Siri commands, improved Bluetooth capabilities, and biometric sensors for health monitoring.