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Amazon Prime Perks Could Soon Include Housekeeping

Amazon’s virtual personal assistant Alexa might soon be able to help you tackle those household chores piling up. Or, at the very least, help you track down people willing to take on those household services for you.

Amazon has published job postings to its website in hopes of hiring “Home Assistants.” The position is a full-time gig at Amazon that will require employees to clean homes, do laundry, and put away both groceries and household goods for anyone who orders up such services. “You will assure that customers return to an errand-free home,” the job posting reads.

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Amazon’s job posting could prove to be a nice complement to Amazon Prime, the $99 one-year subscription service that gives customers the ability to get free two-day shipping on Amazon items, as well as access to the Prime Video and Prime Music streaming services. 

While Prime is best known for those few features, Amazon has been quietly adding other services over the last few years in an attempt to attract more customers. Among the more notable additions is the ability for Prime members to exclusively order thousands of household goods through the company’s Prime Pantry service. In select markets, Amazon also offers same-day delivery on a slew of products it sells through its site.

Given that context, it’s possible the Home Assistant position could be the next logical step. Indeed, Amazon was quick to note in the job posting that the Home Assistant will put away “groceries and essentials like toilet paper and paper towels.” It’s possible, then, that Amazon's Home Assistants will also act as delivery people, bringing the products customers order through Amazon to their doorstep. (At least, until those Amazon delivery drones take flight.) From there, assistants might put away the goods and get down to the business of cleaning homes and doing laundry. 

For its part, Amazon hasn’t said how Home Assistant might fit into its broader product lineup and why it might be trying to get into the home-services business. The company also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

For now, it appears Amazon’s Home Assistant program will be limited in scope and might only be available as a trial, since the positions are being offered in Seattle at the company's corporate headquarters. That said, many Amazon programs start in such a way and quickly expand to other markets around the U.S.