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Mini-LED and bezel-free screens: TVs from TCL, Samsung could dominate CES

TCL 8-Series QLED Roku TV
(Image credit: TCL)

If you're intrigued by the brighter backlighting promised by mini-LED technology, you'll want to pay attention to TCL during next week's annual CES trade show. The Chinese TV maker is promising to show off the next iteration of mini-LED-based TVs when it takes to the stage at CES 2020.

But mini-LED backlights won't be the only TV trend worth tracking at CES 2020. While TCL is teasing its new TV sets, a new report out of South Korea suggests that Samsung may show off a bezel-free set next week.

You can always expect a lot of TV news to come out of CES. But these latest reports, arriving a week prior to the official Jan. 7 kickoff for CES 2020 suggests this year's event will be a fertile ground for TV announcements.

TCL hopes to make news the day before CES gets underway at a Jan. 6 press conference starting at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT. There, the TV maker says it will "unveil the next generation of mini-LED performance" in a new line of TVs.

We got our first glimpse at what mini-LED backlighting can deliver this year when we saw TCL's 8-Series QLED Roku TV. The mini-LED backlight on that set delivered rich blacks and bright highlights, though we still noticed some small halos. The smaller LED used in backlight on these TVS provide better control and can top OLED screens for brightness. That's ideal for the increasing amount of HDR programming available for TVs these days.

While TCL focuses on brighter screens, Samsung appears to be working on a TV with zero bezels — at least, according to a report from The Elec, which claims the electronics giant will unveil a zero-bezel TV during CES next week. Reportedly, the display panel on TVs 65 inches and larger will be more closely welded to the main body of the set, creating that zero-bezel look. 

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For what it's worth, Samsung is teasing its Jan. 6 CES keynote with a tweet touting an "Age of Experience" coming out of a square frame. Whether that's a hint about a bezel-free TV or some other product is best left to your imagination.

The Elec's report claims Samsung's zero-bezel TV will go into mass production starting in February.