iPhone 12 video reveals stunning design we've been waiting for

(Image credit: MotionFox/ConceptsiPhone)

Apple may not have told us anything juicy about the upcoming iPhone 12 — other than the fact that it won’t ship in September — but there are still plenty of reasons to get excited about the rumored phones. Just because Apple hasn't created a sizzle reel for its new devices just yet, that doesn't mean others haven't – and talented creators across the internet have done an absolutely fantastic job of it across several stunning videos. 

There's a slick new video that goes a long way when it comes to giving eager iPhone fans a way to see what's coming down the line. Designed by MotionFox and posted via the ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel, this peek into what the iPhone 12 may offer features a veritable laundry list of what the upcoming smartphone could offer, all wrapped up in a stunning package. 

While rattling off a series of features the phone may include — such as a new Super Retina XDR OLED display, a breakthrough LiDAR scanner, a pro performance A14 Bionic chip, and of course 5G capabilities — the video quickly offers brief flashes of some great-looking iPhone 12 renders in between promises of wireless charging, water resistance, Face ID, and more, with a unifying message: welcome to the future. 

It's hard not to be blown away by how great the entire video package looks. Of course, the "trailer," as it's intended to represent, doesn't perfectly capture Apple's new lineup (since we still don't know what the new iPhones wil officiallyl look like). Still, this parade of new smartphones looks real enough to compete with the forthcoming iPhone 12 ad we all know is coming. From the inky-hued home screen wallpaper to the thicker form factor of the iPhone 12, this trailer is a high-quality rendering that does a great job of giving us something to look forward to. 

We still don’t fully know what kind of specs or features that Apple is planning for the iPhone, but leaks have filled in many details. For instance, rumors indicate that there will be four different models of the iPhone 12, including the iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Recent developments have suggested that none of the iPhone 12 models could end up shipping with a 120Hz screen, and there could even be an even cheaper iPhone 12 model next year without 5G. Obviously, the concept video doesn’t account for those anomalies, which could very well end up being the reality when the iPhone 12 hits store shelves. 

However, these renderings certainly seem like a good start, especially if the final product looks just as slick. We’ll find out for certain in the fall, when Apple’s expected to final show off new iPhone models of its own.

Brittany Vincent

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