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Battlefield 6 alpha release date may have leaked — it’ll have a massive player count

Battlefield V
(Image credit: EA/DICE)

Battlefield 6 may not have been officially revealed just yet, but thanks to the latest tip-off from a reputable leaker we may know when we can expect to get our first taste of multiplayer action, as well as the game’s massive player count.  

Tom Henderson, who is a well-known Battlefield insider with a solid track record, has reported that a Battlefield 6 alpha is currently being scheduled for July. This would line up nicely with the game's officially confirmed unveiling in June.

Henderson has claimed that full information about the alpha should come at the EA Play showcase, which is currently scheduled for July 22. According to the leaker, the plan may be to release the playable alpha during the show as a sort of mic drop moment, which seems fairly plausible as EA has pulled similar stunts in the past. 

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For the unaware an alpha typically refers to a playable slice of a video game given to players ahead of release. It’s essentially the stage of development before the game hits beta. While a Battlefield 6 alpha wouldn’t be the full game and likely wouldn’t be fully polished, it would give fans a chance to get a sense of how the game plays before its launch later this year. 

In a subsequent post, Henderson also doubled down on the fact the game will have a “near-future setting,” which is all but confirmed by a viewable version of the reveal trailer leaking last week. The leaker also revealed that the game will have a player count of 128 per online multiplayer match.

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Assuming this is accurate this would be a fairly big upgrade as the cap on the last four entries in the Battlefield franchise was 64 players (on console at least). There is a possibility that this doubling of the player count would be a feature exclusive to PS5 and Xbox Series X, as it would likely require significant power to run a match with that many players at a smooth framerate.  

Publisher EA has already confirmed that the upcoming shooter won’t be a next-gen console exclusive, despite previous rumors suggesting it would. It will be launching on the PS4 and Xbox One as well, though we expect those versions to make some sacrifices due to hardware limitations. Developer Dice has been keen to stress the game is designed to be a “true next-gen experience” regardless of its cross-gen launch.  

All reports indicate that the game is targeting a release later this year, which gives you just enough time to seek out a PS5 restock or an Xbox Series X restock, so you can enjoy the best version of the game on console. Or, you could opt to play on PC, but you’ll want to buy not build a rig right now.  

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