The Apple iPod For Windows Begins A New Legacy

How Do I Get My Music On The iPod?

Perhaps Apple's biggest challenge with the iPod For Windows was how to get the music onto the iPod. Normally, if you are an Apple user, you would use iTunes to handle this chore, but iTunes does not exist for the PC, so Apple either had to port iTunes to the PC or find an experienced partner with a similar program that could be tuned to be used with the iPod. Apple took the latter approach and worked with the folks at Musicmatch to provide the software interface that is needed to drive the iPod.

iTunes is the way Apple interfaces and manages the iPod. After looking at it, it was obvious that iTunes does a lot of things very well. If you are a PC user, you are out of luck; no Apple iTunes for you.

iTunes is a very intuitive and easy to use program for managing music on the Apple iPod. The user interface that iTunes offers is more polished and perhaps a bit more robust than Musicmatch is on the PC. We liked its ability to handle many features in what we consider to be a more logical nature than Musicmatch. At least for the moment, it is unknown if Apple will later port iTunes to the PC, but since it is free for any MAC, we doubt that you will see iTunes on the PC anytime soon.

Since we don't have iTunes for the PC, we used Musicmatch Jukebox Plus, which is included with the iPod for Windows. Version 7.1 of Musicmatch Jukebox Plus includes an interface, which allows you to manage the iPod from within Musicmatch. Since Musicmatch is very popular and has been reviewed to death elsewhere, we are not going to spend a lot of time talking about its features. It is enough to say that Musicmatch includes most of the features that you have come to expect, and the bonus is the new Apple iPod manager.

Musicmatch Jukebox Plus 7.1 is the included software interface for PC users to manage their iPods. While it isn't quite as intuitive as iTunes is on the MAC, it does get the job done and has been refined to work similarly to iTunes when it comes to managing the iPod.

The Musicmatch Jukebox Plus 7.1 software for use with the iPod is perhaps a little bit rough around the edges in the way that it interfaces with the iPod. Unlike other reviews that we have read, we didn't have a problem with Musicmatch. We were able to move our MP3 files to the iPod using the Firewire interface on both our Dell Latitude C810 with it's Firewire port, and our Asus P4TE system with an Adaptec DuoConnect Firewire Interface. Neither system had a problem with the Musicmatch software or with transferring out MP3 files to the iPod. Since each of these Firewire controllers uses a TI chipset, we didn't notice any performance difference between the two platforms.

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