Google Glass May Greet You on Your Next Flight

We've seen Google Glass on the faces of surgeons and police officers, and now flight attendants could be greeting travelers with Google's wearable display. Virgin Atlantic is testing a new system in which airline workers and gate agents use Google Glass and the Sony Smartwatch 2 to streamline the check-in process for passengers.

The trial run is currently being conducted at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 3, where the wearable display and smartwatch are being used to provide Upper Class passengers with real time information on flight status. The technology is also being used to greet passengers by name, translate foreign language information and facilitate other flight check-in processes.

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The test is said to last for six weeks, and the airline may consider a widespread rollout if the experiment is successful. This means that in the future, flight attendants and handling agents may be able to pull up your personal preferences automatically, such as your dietary habits, whether or not you prefer the window seat, and other bits of information. Hopefully this rollout will include economy class passengers as well instead of being restricted to Upper Class airline patrons.

Virgin Atlantic's trial serves as yet another example of how wearable tech can be applied to the professional world. A recent video from Google demonstrates how firefighters could bring up schematics and maps while on the job. Doctors and surgeons are also using Glass to improve surgery and patient care. For example, Glass allowed Chicago surgeon Dr. Anil Shah to view X-Rays or MRIs without taking his eyes off his patient.

Google Glass hasn't hit widespread availability just yet, but the headset is expected to launch in 2014. Given that the search engine giant has recently added prescription frames to its wearable display, we wouldn't be surprised to see it launch soon.

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  • SuckRaven
    I can see a lot of these fake smiley/happy people wearing these things getting punched in the face for very trivial if any reason at all. Furthermore, I suspect theft of these devices will be rampant, and "forgetting" your glasses or losing them someplace even more common.And, to be honest, I'm going to just start wearing a mask everywhere I go, because my face belongs to me goddamit, and nobody has any rights to it. I don't want anyone smiling at me, wearing Google glasses and some craptacular software is analyzing my face, and giving the viewer all sorts of info in a HUD. Efff This !!!
  • dalethepcman
    SuckRaven - I would enjoy seeing someone try to punch a flight attendant in the face to steal her Google glass then attempt to get away from the hundreds or TSA / Security people between them and the exit. I also think watching you go into the airport wearing a mask would be quite comical as well, until you got shot. If you don't like the brave new world, no one is forcing you to join it. Go live in a cabin in the woods.I think this is spectacular, and more companies need to try to find ways to leverage technology to make their lives, and that of their customers a little better.
  • NightLight