YouTube, Xbox Live Stream U.S. Presidential Debates Live

Google said it will be offering a live stream of all three presidential debates (October 3, 16 and 22) as well as the vice presidential debate on October 11 via ABC News, which will be showing the video on its YouTube channel. The stream will also be shown on YouTube Politics. Today's debate will be held at the University of Denver from 9 to 10:30 PM EDT, and will be moderated by Jim Lehrer, host of News Hour on PBS. The topics to be discussed will be economy, (45 minutes), health care (15 minutes), role of government (15 minutes) and governing (15 minutes).

Microsoft will be streaming the event via its "Election Hub" on Xbox Live, but only "Gold" subscribers will be able to see the stream. However, Microsoft said that it is adding some interactive features such as real-time polls and the ability to send poll questions via Twitter at #XboxPoll. For those who watch the debates, Microsoft throws in a little bonus: If you watch at least three of the four debates, you will get a Halo 4 Warrior Armor avatar.


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  • Anonymous
    Jim Lehrer, one of the very few authentic news reporters out there who isn't biased. Haven't seen him on PBS News Hour for awhile, kind of miss him.
  • bllue
    This is going to be juicy