Best All-in-One Printers 2015

Not that long ago, you had to spend hundreds of dollars to get a decent color printer, another few hundred on a scanner and even more on a fax machine. Today, you can get one device that prints, scans, copies and even faxes for well under $200, with many solid models available for far less than $100.

Unfortunately, with dozens models with similar specs -- Amazon has more than 200 choices -- it can be difficult to find the all-in-one printer that offers the best combination of performance, output quality, features and value. To help you choose, we've tested models in both the sub-$100 and $100-to-$200 price bands and identified the top five.

How We Tested

We put each all-in-one printer through a battery of home-grown tests, designed to determine its performance and output quality. To test print speeds, we timed each device when printing a grayscale document, a 5-page mixed text / graphics project and a 8.5 x 11-inch color photo. We examined the output quality of both a full-color landscape photo and a portrait that we outputted on each printer and we recorded scan and copy times for grayscale and color documents. To measure cost of ownership, we looked at the current street price of ink and estimated number of pages per cartridge.

Best All-in-One Printers

More Strong Choices

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  • The HP8600 is a good printer but has a serious hardware defect. The touchscreen will wash out to the point where it cannot be used. This makes copying and faxing challenging. Check out the HP support forums before you buy this one. I am at the point of throwing mine out as missing the touchscreen makes it too frustrating to enjoy. HP does not offer a replacement part for this.
  • Poor performance by the Epson WorkForce WF-3540 is a big disappointment.This printer fails to make the grade when it comes to printing graphics or photos. No matter what I do to remedy the problem, 99% of my graphics and photographs have mis-colored bars running through the image field. It is not fulfilling my primary purpose for buying this printer. Cleaning the nozzles fails to cure the problem - nothing works! I will just have to let my husband use this for straight printing of documents and find a replacement for my graphics and photo print work.
  • Lot of people saying it's best with 5 cartridges cause you only change the one that is empty. On my Canon Pixma MP640 I can't write anything, not even black text if one of the other cartridges are empty. That's just stupid!
  • Thank you for breaking this down into different categories. It would be great to have the Canon Pixma MG5620, but as a small business owner it is out of my price range, and it is more than I need. I think I will look into the HP OfficeJet 4630.
  • > Arne Schedin

    On the MP640 it can be persuaded to continue printing in a low ink condition (at least it can from within Windows 7). It does offer a warning, but if a coloured ink is out and you're only printing a mono text document, this works fine for me.