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Cone Smart Speaker Learns Your Favorite Songs, Becomes Your Personal DJ

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Big Brother is watching, learning … and playing your favorite Jill Scott song. Aether, a new California-based start-up company, has created a "smart" wireless speaker called the Cone that plays your favorite music according to your mood.

How does Cone know that you have a penchant for Johnny Cash? It learns. As listeners begin to use the speaker, it starts to keep track of your music behaviors.

Listening to a track teaches the speaker that you like that particular song. From there, Cone will play music similar to the initial track. Skip past a song, and the speaker also takes note.

If you want to listen to a specific track, simply press the button in the center of the speaker and say the name of the artist and track.

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Cone's initial setup requires pairing it via Bluetooth with an Apple device running Mac OS X 10.9+ (Mavericks) or iOS 7. However once the setup process is complete, Cone works without a net, using your home's Wi-Fi network and a music service of your choosing to deliver the jams.

In addition to a potentially revolutionary music-curating system, Cone also delivers stylish good looks. The conical speaker comes in white or black with a silver or copper tip.

The front of the Cone is all speaker grille with a lone button in the center. To cycle through tracks, listeners simply twist the grille. Pausing a track takes a simple tap of the lone button. The speaker features a 3-inch subwoofer and dual tweeters, as well as a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to 8 hours of battery life.

However, something that smart and good-looking won't be cheap. When it launches this summer, the Cone will retail for $399.

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    house70 , March 6, 2014 10:22 AM
    Useless stuff...
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