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Bearbrick iPhone Dock

When the Bearbrick was initially released by Medicom on 2001, it was a hit. Everybody loved the 3-inch anthropomorphized bears. Some contemporary artists even spent time painting the damned things. Well, after 9 years, it's still going strong, and this time, the little plastic toy enters the digital media age through these Bearbrick iPod/iPhone Speaker docks.

It's the classic Bearbrick design, except this time, it's got a dock for your Steve Jobs gadget. The speakers are, strangely enough, located in the ears, but aside from the usual plug-in-your-gadget-it-plays-stuff capability that most speaker docks have, that's all there is to it. Oh yeah, it's got volume controls, too.

If you were in to all the hype the original toy got, might as well get it. Don't blame us for the $183 hole in your pocket, though.

[via Hypebeast]