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WhatsApp Adds Voice Messaging for All Platforms

WhatsApp has announced the addition of a new feature for users of its smartphone application. The company revealed the news in an interview with All Things Digital, detailing that it now has 300 million active users that are sending and receiving 11 billion and 20 billion messages per day. With business booming, the company is adding push-to-talk voice messaging for users of iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia smartphones.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum explained to All Things D that there's no time limit for the length of messages and that users only need to tap once to send a message. The company wanted to make it as easy and quick as possible for users to use the new feature. As such, recording a message is as easy as tap and hold, talk, and release. If you don't want to send the message you just recorded, you swipe to the left instead of releasing. The voice recording hops into the trash bin. The volume of your message changes to speaker when the phone is held away from your face, and quiets back down when you hold the phone to your ear.

After six months of development, voice messaging is finally taken care of. Koum told ATD that the company will now switch its focus to "media-focused products." With users sending 325 million photos every day, it's definitely an area of interest for WhatsApp users, though Koum didn't go into detail on what the company has planned.