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Most People Ignore Security Patches, Turn Off Firewalls Says Sophos

63-percent of the computers were missing security patches for the operating system, office application and popular accessory programs like Windows Media Player and Adobe Flash. 51-percent of the users had disabled the firewall on their computers, something many ’power users’ do to allow file sharing, games and other activities deemed inappropriate by IT administrators. 15-percent of the computers had out of date or disabled anti-malware security software which includes anti-virus and anti-spam applications.

Most of the computers surveyed, 39-percent of them were in the United States, while 36-percent were in the United Kingdom.

Company IT administrators have often complained that end users undo many of the protections imposed by the company. As a former network admin, I know the pain of having users turn off automatic updates, Norton real-time anti-virus scanning and other programs. These same users often came to me a few weeks later complaining of an extremely slow computer because of a massive spyware or virus infection.