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China: U.S. Cyber-Espionage Accusations 'Unprofessional'

In the wake of a scathing U.S. intelligence report labeling China the "world's biggest perpetrator" of cyber-theft of industrial and military secrets, China has issued a terse denial of the accusations, calling them "unprofessional and "irresponsible".

China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei issued China's official response. "Online attacks are notable for spanning national borders and being anonymous," He said. "Identifying the attackers without carrying out a comprehensive investigation and making inferences about the attackers is both unprofessional and irresponsible. I hope the international community can abandon prejudice and work hard with China to maintain online security"

While no official policy changes have been proposed with regard to U.S./China relations, the report, released November 4th, represents a an escalation in the war of words between China and the U.S. over China's online conduct. The report alleged that both China and Russia are pursuing an official policy of online espionage against US business and government, but reserved special ire for China's alleged efforts. (Allegations, it should be added, not that unreasonable considering China's well known problem as a hub of pirated intellectual property sales.) Though the report acknowledges difficulty in determining the origin of hack attacks, it follows closely after accusations that China may have been behind hacker attacks on U.S. Satellites in 2007 and 2008 and and a major hacking attack against Google that occurred in June.