Squeezing More Life Out of Your Notebook's Battery Part II

MobilityGuru's 10 Tips To Extend Battery Life

Want to get the most out of your notebook battery? Our top ten power-saving tips for notebooks from MobilityGuru can't turn a power hungry monster into an energy-efficient miracle, but they can help you make optimal use of the electrical energy stored in your battery in order to add some (important) minutes to its working life.


Our test scenarios demonstrate how much energy individual components and external devices can consume under worst-case or extreme conditions. They also show how much these individual elements can significantly reduce battery life.

However, at the end of the day, a notebook's battery life is largely dependant on what you do with your notebook. Every user interacts with his or her notebook and its components and peripherals differently. The results clearly show that users' computing habits have a profound impact on notebook energy consumption.