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Sony Ericsson: We Refused to Build Google Phone

So far a lot of the Android phones on the market have been made by HTC. So, when Android fans learned the Nexus One was yet another HTC device, they were a little disappointed. Some had hoped they'd see something truly different from Google and when the Nexus One launched, it seemed the only truly different thing was that you could purcahse the device through Google.

However, it seems HTC may not have been Google's first choice either. Sony Ericsson has said the search giant approached the company to make the phone but Ericsson said no. Crave reports that in an interview for a Swedish newspaper, Sony Ericsson chief, Bert Nordberg, said that Google had approached his company about making the Nexus One but he had refused because Sony Ericsson wanted release phones under its own brand only. Nordberg went on to say that Sony prefers to rely on its own efforts to make it in the US market.

Despite the Google snub, Ericsson has plans to release Android devices under its own brand. The company has plans for a handful of Android devices to be released this year. Crave reports that the first of these, the Xperia X10, is expected to be released later this month.