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Mom Arrested for Hacking School Computer, Changing Grades

Of course, it is rather naïve to believe that school computer hacking only happens in Hollywood movies. A Pennsylvania mother is facing charges on allegations that she "hacked" into a school computer to change grades of her two children and read emails addressed to school officials.

The Hacker mom was employed by the Northwestern Lehigh School District from 2008 through April 2011, according to ABC News, and hacked into the system "nearly a year after she quit her job as an administrative office secretary to work at another school district." There was no information how she "hacked" into the school computer and how the grade changes - one from an "F" to a "M", and one from "98" to "99" were detected.

Since she was caught, she was arraigned this Wednesday and is facing six felony charges, three counts of unlawful use of a computer and three counts of computer trespassing and altering data. ABC News reported that her most recent employment as an event coordinator at Lehigh University ended this Wednesday as well.

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