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My Thumb is My Passport: Using Biometrics

More than fingerprints

Most PC fingerprint readers use your fingerprint alone, but the $50 BioCert PCLokR Pro lets you add a password, PIN, smartcard or a mix of factors. That’s not as convenient as just swiping your finger, and it’s probably overkill for a home user, but the BioCert software will generate strong passwords for you, and it includes encryption for your hard drive and USB memory sticks. If your PC already has a fingerprint scanner and it’s made by AuthenTec, you can get the software on its own for $30; AuthenTec sensors are used by Asus, Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, LG, Motion Computing, NEC Samsung and Toshiba for notebooks and PCs; and by ACS, APC, Cherry, SCM, Targus and Zvetco for peripherals.

fingerprint security login

You can log into your email and other password protected applications, and you can add an extra token with HP’s Credential Manager.