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Back To School With Kid-Friendly Tech

Buzzy Pain Relief Device


One of the more painful and dreaded back-to-school tasks for students each year is the vaccination, so we were pleasantly surprised to learn about a new product designed to take the “ouch” out of doctor visits. Buzzy, a cute new pain-blocking gadget designed by a pediatrician mom, uses both distraction and nerve stimulation to decrease the impact that dental work, blood draws, and IVs have on small children and nervous adults.

Here’s how we got Buzzy to work: We wet and froze the included “wings” and reattached them to the Buzzy body before using them to chill the area that would be poked. When it was time for the needle prick, Buzzy was slid up about an inch above the site and the small switch on Buzzy’s body was turned on to produce small vibrations. The optional “Flippit” illustrated cards were used to engage our test subjects in a simple activity to help keep their focus off of the shot while it was administered. The entire process added little time to the medical procedure.

While Buzzy doesn’t make shots, needle sticks, and splinter removal completely unnoticeable, there was a definite improvement in the tolerability of the procedure, which in our case was a needle poke. According to the manufacturer, as a child uses Buzzy numerous times, the effectiveness of the gadget improves. The product has the potential to be a positive tech solution for children who require insulin shots or regular lab draws. Each child should have his or her own Buzzy for hygienic reasons. The Buzzy battery lasts for about 10 uses and the Buzzy body can be wiped down (but not immersed) with an antiseptic wipe or regular soap and water in between procedures.

A unique distraction from the pain and stress that many kids go through during the fall season, Buzzy is available for around $35 at