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PowerA's MoGa Turns Phones Into PS Vita and DS Rivals

MoGa uses a clip to attach a phone and resemble the look of a mobile gaming console. The MoGa base integrates the usual array of control buttons - two analog sliders, four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, as well as star, select and sync keys. Connectivity to the phone is provided via Bluetooth.

What makes MoGa particularly interesting is the fact that it takes smartphones closer to the traditional gaming territory of the PS Vita and the Nintendo DS. As phones are taking advantage of a much faster development cycle than handheld consoles, as they leverage a much more extensive eco-system of available software, add-ons such as the MoGa may only help to push dedicated mobile gaming consoles into niche markets. For now, the MoGa is, at the very least, blurring the lines between casual and high-end mobile gaming.

MoGa's challenge is to convince game makers to support its hardware, which will be difficult without specific standards being in place. However, PowerA says it already has scored commitments from game developers such as Gameloft, MachineWorks, Namco Bandai, Sega, Atari and Ratrod Studio. The controller is scheduled to launch sometime in the second half of this year and support Android 2.3 and higher devices.