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Skybar One Wine System is ''Sophistication''

Ever been to those fancy wine-tasting places, the ones with those push-button dispensers? A portable version is available from Skybar, called the One Wine System.

Like what you see in the establishment, the One Wine System keeps the wine at the correct temperature. "Natural vacuum technology" keeps air away from the liquid, preventing the wine from turning sour due to contact with oxygen.

And of course, enjoying the wine is a simple matter of placing the glass underneath the dispenser and pushing the pour button. Drinkers can also see the wine bottle itself through the glass cabinet. Commenting on the vintage and vineyard thus becomes easier.

The entire unit is small enough to fit in the trunk of your car, or even the backseat. Unfortunately, climate control hardware isn't exactly low-power, so the One Wine System still needs to draw electricity from a wall socket.

Yet if you're desperately trying to move up the social ladder—or simply want to casually show off your purchasing power—the One Wine System will probably make a great conversation piece at the next party you host. Now if only you were willing to part with $400 ("discounted" from $500) for a glorified cured grape juice dispenser.

skybar ONE Wine System