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Modobag Lets You Zoom Around Airports While People Point and Laugh

The next time you're running late for your flight because of yet another interminable TSA line, don't break into an all-out sprint. Instead, pop a squat on the Modobag, a piece of motorized luggage that zooms through the terminal at up to 8 miles per hour.

The Modobag isn't available yet, but you can pre-order one via its Indiegogo campaign for the very high price of $995. Did I mention the luggage's companion app will cost $69? Oh, and just one other small issue: you'll look like a total tool as you tool around the terminal.

The first rideable travel bag does have some things going for it. The 200-watt electric motor has a range of 8 miles, so you won't have to recharge it that often. In addition to a sealed bearing steering column for tight control, there's a touch-friendly dashboard and dual USB charging ports — so you don't have to fight the unwashed coach class masses for outlets to charge your phone or laptop.

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The Modobag even offers an optional tracking system that works via GSM/GPRS, so if someone steals your ride, you'll be able to track it down via the companion app for Android or  iOS.

The good news is that the Modobag can accommodate riders up to 260 pounds. The bad news is that this thing weighs 19 pounds before you put a single sandal or Hawaiian shirt in it.

Overall, the Modobag is a novel idea, and I'd love to see the first luggage races take place on YouTube. But if I'm going to spend a grand on a piece of motorized luggage, it better have autopilot.