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US Lawmakers Accuse China Of Hacking Congressional Computers


Washington DC - Two US lawmakers, both of whom are fierce critics of China’s human rights record, say their computers were hacked from inside China. Representatives Frank Wolf from Virginia and Chris Smith from New Jersey say the attacks started in 2006 and that the hackers were looking for the names and addresses of Chinese dissidents. One successful attack led to Chinese agents visiting and photographing the home of one dissident in the United States.

So far China hasn’t commented about these hacking allegations, but last week it denied any involvement in hacking Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez’s laptop. You can read about that incident here.

Read more ... Associated Press via Google.

  • sacre
    omg china is hacking computers, omg US is hacking chinese computers, omg us biological human beings are going to wipe ourselves out because of some computer firewall failing

    "sniffs the air" I can smell the Radioactivity already.
  • mr roboto
    Ahhhh!!! You mean there are Chinese spy's? The U.S. has never and would never do anything as despicable as spying or torturing people. We also would never try to quell dissidents here in the states. A perfect example of that not happening is the whole Valerie Plame incident that the Liberal media portrays as some sort of crime or injustice.