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Apple iDevices Getting Bumped to iOS 4.2 Today

While the iPhone and iPod touch have had multitasking since the summer, the iPad was strangely left out from the party. It seemed that the iPad was part of a different software tree with its iOS 3.2 version, but today there will be a unification that will bring all the iOS devices up to version 4.2.

iPad users will finally get to use Apple's form of multitasking as well as GameCenter features that the little iDevices have been using for a while now. New to the entire line in 4.2 is AirPlay for streaming content to Apple TV, and AirPrint for printing directly from iOS.

Previously only those with subscriptions to MobileMe could tap into the "Find My iPhone" feature that helps those with lost or stolen devices. Now Apple has done a good thing and made it free to anyone with an iPad, iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod touch.

Those who have lost their devices can use their computer to locate the device using its GPS, and have the phone display a message or play a sound. If the device has fallen into the wrong hands, the owner can even lock or remote wipe the device.

While many of these features won't be available on the older iPhone 3G model, there is some belief that this latest tweak will bring back some performance into the two-year-old device.

The 4.2 update will be available today through an iTunes update.