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Report: Apple iTV Looks Like Cinema Display, Only Bigger

An unnamed source who clams to have served hands-on time with Apple's rumored iTV (working title) says the device is similar in appearance to the current line of LED-backlit Cinema Displays, but much bigger. It also has a built-in iSight camera for making video calls via FaceTime, and Siri the virtual assistant which has been made popular by the iPhone 4S.

According to CultofMac, the source said that the working prototype is the same exact device Steve Jobs was talking about when he said he had "cracked TV" last year. Thanks to the built-in iSight camera, the HDTV features facial recognition that can zoom in and follow the user as they walk around the room (it's watching you). That means the end user can sit on the couch and make a call from across the room rather than in the HDTV's face.

Calls are initiated by Siri, the source said, but didn't go into much detail after that. Actually, nothing else was offered up by the contact for that matter, although thanks to this new report, we now have a good idea what it will look like and that it can follow our movements wherever we go. Perhaps Apple should name it HAL 1000 (1st-gen, not 9th) and give it a male voice?

Up until now, very little is known about the iTV project. We know Steve Jobs wanted to change the entertainment world with the device, and appeared to have struck gold with the creation of Siri. The device will supposedly feature motion controls and voice commands for remote control-free browsing and access, and the service itself is expected to stretch across all Apple devices if the company can wrangle the appropriate rights from content holders.

Designing iTV to match Apple's Cinema Displays makes sense, keeping the company's video output devices on the same aesthetic plane. One would assume that iTV would have both HDMI and PC imports so that end-users can connect their Macs and PCs directly to the device. The range in size will reportedly be from 32-inches to 55-inches.

As always, take these reports with a grain of salt. There has been no official announcement although we know the intent is there. System specs, Siri's actual integration, the interface, pricing and release schedule are all still unknown factors at this point.

  • frozonic
    Whatever it looks like i am sure its going to be awesome, but overpriced and overated :(
  • syrious1
    googleTV is already out, just go pick up one of those Froznic!
  • whimseh
    "Apple iTV Looks Like Cinema Display, Only Bigger"

    ...GEE, REALLY? I would have NEVER guessed!
  • eddieroolz
    Well, the Cinema Display does look pretty good, I must admit.
  • back_by_demand

    What the frick? Stop calling it ITV, they got to keep the iPhone name after being told to get bent because everyone called it the iPhone anyway - brand theft, plain and simple
  • back_by_demand
    the HDTV features facial recognition that can zoom in and follow the user as they walk around the room (it's watching you).
    And it will be connected to the internet and will report to Apple everytime it sees someone jacking off to porn
  • bavman
    eddieroolzWell, the Cinema Display does look pretty good, I must admit.
    Yes but the ACD is a 2560x1440 panel, the tv will most likely be 1080p
  • acquisition not creation of siri.
  • alxianthelast
    whimseh"Apple iTV Looks Like Cinema Display, Only Bigger"...GEE, REALLY? I would have NEVER guessed!
    That's what I was thinking since this was obviously the direction Apple should have taken right after their Cinema displays got to 30" and large flat panel displays started becoming popular, then after bluray, then during the smart-tv push.. but it is still not official.

    Also.. 'clams'?! proofread these non-news articles at least please!!

    Still waiting for confirmation that iOS apps and games will also be supported and if Apple is going to finally give Siri an avatar to go along with her voice and eyes. It would be fully intense creepy to have the little voice in your phone exist on both the phone AND your TV AND be able to see you and follow you around the room.
  • jryan388
    I would try the new apple tv if the price is right; definitely not an itv. Apple has software experience, but buying an expensive showpiece tv from a manufacturer with zero experience in this area is a big no no.