How To Crack WEP - Part 1: Setup & Network Recon


At this point, you know the basic approach to WEP cracking, have a target WLAN configured and have both sniffing and attack computers configured and working. You also have gained a basic familiarity with Backtrack and used Kismet to find in-range wireless LANs.

In Part 2, we will use the second notebook to stimulate the target LAN to generate wireless traffic that we will capture and perform the actual WEP key crack. Until then, you can familiarize yourself with Kismet, go WLAN hunting and explore some of the other tools on the Backtrack CD.

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  • well, i'm still trying to get the monitor module on my screen but it seems that my wi-fi lan card (Broadcom 802.11/g) doesn't allow the Airpeek to do it. By the way, my OS is Windows vista. Is it possible u help me with this? any tip is welcome..
  • U have to change ur lan card to Intel.Broadcom is not good working one.
  • Huh, I'm an old fart, could you put it in a flow chart please with links to download the things I need.
    I run Winblows xp on this machine, not unix.

    Thanks a bunch.