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16 Camera Apps, Tested


When you’re at the Grand Canyon, you can’t take just one image to capture the majesty of the panorama. Enter Photosynth (free, on iOS, Android and Windows phone) an app that automatically stitches photos together to make neat 360-degree photo. The effect is somewhat less impressive in my still life scene, but you get the picture. The app is the brain baby of researchers at Microsoft Live Labs, and first launched as a tech preview in late 2006. The app is famously used by NASA the following year to show off the space shuttle Endeavor as it was on a mission to bring construction supplies to the International Space Station.


Usability: 4. Pretty simple to figure out.

Filters: 1. No filters, though they’d likely be easy to add later.

Fun Features/Extras: 4. Gorgeous way of stitching pictures together.

Ease of Sharing: 5. Easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter,, Bing maps and email.