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16 Camera Apps, Tested


FastCamera ($0.99) is geared towards quick events and slideshows. Want to capture that kick on goal in your kid’s soccer game? This is your go-to. Unlike iPhone video, which captures action at 2 megapixels, this uses the 8-megapixel camera and links photos together in rapid succession to make a video-like experience. When I turned it on, it immediately began taking pictures, which was a little difficult, but I soon figured out how to select which pictures would go in a slideshow.


Usability: 4. A little difficult to understand what was going on immediately.

Filters: 1. There aren’t any. They focus on making slideshows from rapid-fire pictures.

Fun Features/Extras: 4. It’s a cool tool for the video-making ability, and I’m sure it would synch nicely with iPhoto slideshows.

Ease of Sharing: 3. It costs 99 cents extra to export the video out of the app, which seems  a little exploitative.