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Heroic BlackBerry Stops Bullet, Saves Woman

Last month we heard about a man using his iPhone and camera to aid his survival while he was trapped under rubble in Haiti. While his gadgets definitely saved his life, his common sense played a huge part in the story.

This week a woman escaped a nasty gunshot wound thanks to her BlackBerry and this time, it was definitely her phone that saved her. Gottabemobile reports that an Ohio woman had a lucky escape at a restaurant when a gun went off at a busy restaurant.

According to Gottabemobile, another diner was putting on his coat when his gun accidentally went off. Instead of hitting the woman in the leg, the bullet hit her BlackBerry. The bullet did not penetrate the BlackBerry, although it did tear a hole in the woman's jeans. It's not immediately clear if the woman knew the man who owned the gun.