How to Use and Personalize Your Apple Watch

Best Apple Watch Games

You won't be slashing through Infinity Blade or exploring Monument Valley on the Apple Watch's tiny display, and that's fine. Instead of mimicking the iPhone, Apple's first wearable provides a handful of novel gaming experiences built specifically for bite-size play. 

Apple Watch games provide the ultimate quick fix, allowing you to solve puzzles and hack away at enemies for a few minutes without going through the trouble of pulling out your phone. Favorites like Trivia Crack make a perfect fit for the Apple Watch's small display, while text-based adventures such as SpyCatcher leverage the wearable computer to make you feel like you're a character in a sci-fi movie.


The Apple Watch's game selection is currently small, but there are already some gems worth toying with. Here are our favorites. —Michael Andronico and Dan Moren

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  • USteele
    "For vegans who still appreciate the refined look of leather, the Etsy Minimalist and Zen Watch Strap may be just the ticket. Available in 38 mm or 42 mm, it's made of a tanned vegetable material… " Oh gosh, no! It's vegetable tanned leather, not "vegetable material." Not vegan. I think you might need an edit on this description.
  • Nunya2
    WAAAAAYYYY too many taps and defeats the whole purpose of the watch.

    Instead, rotate the Apple Watch up to activate it and use Siri and say:

    "Hey Siri. Send a text message to John Doe that says see how easy this is exclamation point you don't even have to touch the Apple Watch period cool comma huh question mark."

    Siri will launch the Message app, create a text to John Doe that reads "See how easy this is! You don't even have to touch the Apple Watch. Cool, huh?" The message will stay on the screen for about 30 seconds with the option to cancel. After that time, if you haven't canceled, the text message is sent.

    THAT'S the power of the Apple Watch!
  • angelsaysno
    THANK YOU this was very helpful!