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WikiLeaks App Mysteriously Pulled from iTunes

Apple has reportedly removed an unofficial WikiLeaks app from the App Store without specifying an actual reason.

Originally the app landed on the iTunes App Store on December 18 (cached via Google), allowing users to view WikiLeaks site content and follow the WikiLeaks Twitter account on iOS devices without the need to load up Safari. Although WikiLeaks content can be accessed for free via any browser, developer Igor Barinov chose to charge users $1.99 for the app.

However the app's mysterious disappearance has sparked some speculation that Apple is joining other high profile companies like Amazon, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Bank of America by distancing itself from the highly-controversial whistle blower website. Apple may have also felt pressure from Visa and Mastercard who serve as a financial link between Apple and the consumer.

But given Apple's approval track record, it's highly possible that the app simply slipped through Apple's approval process like so many other questionable apps receiving fifteen minutes of fame before they're pulled. However, at this point, the app doesn't seem to violate Apple's Terms of Service, leaving us looking to Apple for an explanation. So far the company hasn't responded to queries.

Android users can still get plenty of WikiLeaks content from the Android Market. Currently there are six apps listed, four of which are free while one charges $1.50 and the other charges $1.30. There's no indication that the received funds are channeled back to WikiLeaks to help support the site.