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Jetovator Does It Again With Water-Powered Jetbikes

Last summer, you got the chance to soar to awesomeness with the water-powered Jetlev Jetpack. Naturally, it gave you the desire to try out other extreme water sporting such as the dolphin-like Seabreacher speedboat, or the water-powered rocket boots. This year, the fun continues with Jetaviation's brand new water-powered Jetbike.

The technology behind the device isn't too different than the jetpack or rocket boots, but provides a different type of extreme fun. Dubbed the Jetovator, the water-powered jetbike is essentially an aluminum frame and fiberglass bike-styled body attached to a watercraft via a 50-foot hose. Like the other water-powered devices, the Jetovator sucks up water from below and propels the rider up to 30 feet high at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

Hoping to keep costs down, the basic $8,975 Jetovator kit requires your own personal watercraft for use. The basic hose is only compatible with the Seadoo, Yamaha and Kawasaki brands. Although prices are still to be determined, there will be upgrade kits available to provide features such as high-speed operation, carbon fiber body or suspension landing gear. For more information and to stay updated with the project, head on over to the Jetovator site here.