T-Mobile: All Phones Free on June 19

Sprint just launched the hugely successful EVO 4G and AT&T will soon reap the benefits of a brand new iPhone. Not to be left out in the cold, T-Mobile is planning a one day only free-for-all in an attempt to nab itself some customers.

TMONews reports that the company's big event that it has been planning is actually a day where T-Mobile stores will give every phone away for free. The site has gotten its hands on the script for a T-Mobile commercial promoting the monster Father's Day sale. The HTC HD2, BlackBerrys, the newly launched Garmin phone, you name it, it's free.

However, there is a catch. According to the script, the deal only applies if you're switching to a family plan. Nothing is completely solid yet, but with Father's Day only a few weeks away, it looks like T-Mobile is solidifying it's plans for "the mother of all Father's Day sales."

Check out the script below!

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  • Kelavarus
    "Mother of all Father's Day sales."

    You always make me smile, Jane. :)
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  • thrust2night
    If Sprint would allow its loyal customers to get full discount on upgrades every year like Sprint Premier customers, they would do a lot better. After 7 years with TMobile I'm moving to Sprint. Tried to talk to TMobile's "Customer Loyalty" department and all they said was good luck. If they don't care about my business I'm more than happy to move on.
  • daworstplaya
    If only T-mobile had nationwide presence and coverage. Sigh ...
  • dertoter
    I'm sorry but tmobile is just bad. My g/f used to use tmobile and their customer service was probably the worst customer service i had ever spoke with. Do you remember when the sidekick service was down for what seemed like at least 2 months? Well, they didn't really care. No compensation what so ever. We pushed to cancel the line but they threatened the Early Termination Fee. Too bad in their TOS at the time it stated we were given the right to cancel the line due to none function equipment/service. Take that tmobile!

    Basically, don't go with Tmobile. Ever since we switched to Sprint i've never had a problem and their customer service is very helpful!