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T-Mobile: All Phones Free on June 19

Sprint just launched the hugely successful EVO 4G and AT&T will soon reap the benefits of a brand new iPhone. Not to be left out in the cold, T-Mobile is planning a one day only free-for-all in an attempt to nab itself some customers.

TMONews reports that the company's big event that it has been planning is actually a day where T-Mobile stores will give every phone away for free. The site has gotten its hands on the script for a T-Mobile commercial promoting the monster Father's Day sale. The HTC HD2, BlackBerrys, the newly launched Garmin phone, you name it, it's free.

However, there is a catch. According to the script, the deal only applies if you're switching to a family plan. Nothing is completely solid yet, but with Father's Day only a few weeks away, it looks like T-Mobile is solidifying it's plans for "the mother of all Father's Day sales."

Check out the script below!