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Spotify Announces U.S. Launch, Opens Up Invites

Over the last few months, rumors have been swirling regarding music streaming service Spotify and its plans to launch in the United States. Though several reports included mentions of a deal with Facebook, it seems the Swedish company has decided to go it alone -- at least for now.

Spotify today revealed that its wildly popular music streaming service is finally coming to the United States. The company didn't provide much in the way of details regarding the service (such as pricing, information on ad-free accounts and record companies on board) but the splash page is now live and visitors are being invited to register their interest by submitting their email address. Adding yourself to the list will ensure you get an invite once they're being sent out.

Whether or not the service will eventually be available through Facebook, as previously suggested, remains to be seen. We also have no idea when the service is going live. It was originally supposed to be available to U.S. residents last year but was delayed due to ongoing discussions with record companies.

For those not in the know, Spotify is a DRM-based music streaming service based in Sweden. Launched three years ago, in October of 2008, it quickly built up a loyal userbase across Europe. Only available in a select few countries (Sweden, Spain, Norway, Finland, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom), the service allows users to stream an unlimited amount of ad-supported music for the first six months, and 10 hours per month after that. A premium option is available for those who want to ditch the ads and these paying customers can use the service from mobile devices, listen to unlimited amounts of music and avail of higher bitrate streams plus offline access to music. This costs €9.99 per month (just shy of $15).

  • dj1001
    i'll just stick with pandora.
  • f-14
    drm? no thanks. can't watch all my movies when i want, i will never buy drm crap again with the evil b.s. practices they use of having to have media players and my computer connected to the internet for updates or verification.
    it's like cable/dish companies that burn out your subscriber cards even when they are legit.
    these practices need to be kept from being rewarded.
  • Have been using spotify from the start. have it on my phone and all my computers.
    Have stooped downloading music because it's so easy to use. And smart offline functions.

    Test it = )
  • completely addicted from the start! example: reading a new cd review in the paper on my ipad, tick it in spotify that's on my ipad iphone and computers, stream directly from my ipad to the stereo... and finish reading the review.

    spotify is not about what music you have or know: it's all about the music you can discover ( classic, modern, your favorites, experimental... brand new) and did not know it existed.

    did i mention it already: completely addicted. did not buy any cd since i subscribed.
    stefan the netherlands
  • koga73
    good if they had gone with facebook i wouldnt even give them a chance