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Speak From the Dead Via Talking Tombstone

The Memorial RosettaStone Tablet could be seen in two ways: really cool or really creepy. This isn't some portable PC specially made for Rosetta Stone software. It's actually a $225 gadget that uses advanced object hyperlinking technology, allowing you to speak with graveside visitors long after your dead and buried. Again, really cool or really creepy.

Developed by Phoenix-based Objecs, the RosettaStone Tablet gives visitors access to images and text by touching an NFC-enabled cell phone to its surface. The device comes in various sizes: the Granite Tablet looks like a iphone-sized rock with engraved hieroglyphic style symbolism, called Life Symbols, which may be mounted within the tombstone. The Data Tag is quite smaller, roughly the size of a coin, and will adhere to any current tombstone. The third version, the Travertine, apparently seats in the ground when no headstone is used-- and also sports Life Symbols on its face.

"Each RosettaStone has the ability to communicate additional information in the form of text about its engraved Life Symbols," the company said. "You author this information and anyone with a web-enabled cell phone can access the information. This transfer is achieved by leveraging one or more object-based technologies including RFID, image recognition and hardlinking."

The RosettaStone device will supposedly last for hunreds of years. The company said that its internal microchip(s) use the phone's own magnetic field to power up just long enough to communincate and then return to a dormant state, all in less than one second. Currently the NFC aspect won't be available until the technology integrates into cell phones later this year.

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  • mlopinto2k1
  • the_krasno
    This would be rendered obsolete in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
  • amabhy
    Apple lawsuit in 3...2....1....
  • Camikazi
    Any bets on how long till one is hacked and info changed?
  • Dekasav
    I'd do it.
  • hoof_hearted
    Stop stepping on my flowers...

    Anyone steal my vases and I will haunt you...

    No peeing here...
  • micr0be
    i'd put a rick rolled video when u activate it .... now that would lighten the mood a bit ...
  • Parsian
    interesting idea but i would like to see, dead coming back to life using science and technology...
  • FUtomNOreg
    "Help! Help! they buried me alive! Get help quick, I'm running out of air down here!"
  • Gin Fushicho
    "I Wasn't dead till you buried me"

    lol, way to make a family feel guilty. ;p