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Obama Names Genachowski for FCC Chief

President Obama has nominated Julius Genachowski to be head of the FCC.

The Federal Communications Commission is in need of a leader, and President Barack Obama thinks that Julius Genachowski is up to the task. The former tech executive and FCC advisor will be nominated today for the position, and assuming he makes it through the process, will take office by the end of March.

"I can think of no one better than Julius Genachowski to serve as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission," said President Obama. "He will bring to the job diverse and unparalleled experience in communications and technology, with two decades of accomplishment in the private sector and public service."

Genachowski is a co-founder and managing director of both LaunchBox Digital and Rock Creek Ventures. Previously, he worked at InterActiveCorp for eight years, where he served as Chief of Business Operations as well as General Counsel. While his career in the private sector has been a success to say the least, Genachowski also brings some government experience with him. He served as chief counsel for former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, and before that was an advisor to FCC general counsel William Kennard. He has also been a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter.

Genachowski is an outspoken supporter of net neutrality, wanting equal, unrestricted Internet access for all. During his time as FCC chief (assuming he gets approved by Congress), Genachowski will have a full plate right off the start. The two most important issues facing him will be a roll out of broadband across the United States, which has seen its share of criticism in the House and Senate. He will also oversee the final stages of the digital TV transition, which has seen delays and has not gone as smoothly as planned. These issues combined with the FCC's ongoing struggle with Comcast should keep Genachowski in the news on a regular basis.

Here's hoping Genachowski has his taxes in order!

  • ckthecerealkiller
    If Genachowski can do anything with the broadband market I will be amazed. Congress doesn't give a crap about how 50% of the U.S. still uses dial-up. If they did they wouldn't have delayed the DTV transition.... Smells like pork to me....

    There is a reason for the struggle between the FCC and Comcast. They are both ran by d*!@heads.
  • jarnail24
    Shit all I want is 10mb down for 40 bucks. Right now I'm getting 6mb down 62 dollars. I was just in hong kong and they had 10mb down for 30 bucks. That's all I want from this new guy oh maybe a couple billion from the stimulus should go to updating our national backbone infrastructure.
  • tenor77
    Yeah monopoly is right. In my city there's Comcast, Time Warner, Everest and the of course AT&T. Amazingly where you can get one, you can't get the others. I'm stuck with Time Warner. I called AT&T to see about U-Verse or DSL and was told it's not available. She then asked if I wanted dial-up. I didn't realize I called 1983.
  • techtre2003
    tenor77She then asked if I wanted dial-up. I didn't realize I called 1983.
  • Efrayim
    Jezz you guys I have 10 mbs for 40 dollars. I don't know why you guys cant find it....