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Olympus’ Entry-Level DSLRs

Your First DSLR: Interchangeable Lenses or Not?

It is this interchangeability of lenses that should draw the interest of serious amateur photographers. The vast majority of consumer cameras are equipped with a single, built-in lens. If the camera’s longest telephoto focal-length doesn’t get you close enough to your subject, you’ll have to move closer to the subject. If you can’t get all of that mountain in the shot, you’ll have to hop in the car or on your bike to move a few hundred yards back in order to get the shot. With the E-420, all you need to do is swap out the current lens for the right telephoto or wide-angle lens to get the right shot.

The $399.99 Olympus SP-565UZ is also a new DSLR camera; the main difference between the SP-565UZ and the E-420 is that the SP-565UZ’s 20X zoom lens is a permanent fixture of the camera body. While you do not have the flexibility of multiple lenses as you would with the E-420, the SP-565UZ has one of the longest zoom ranges of a consumer-level camera. In fact, the SP-565UZ’s built-in lens can reach out to subjects and bring them in closer than the 14-42mm zoom lens that came with our E-420.