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3 Cheap Accessories Make Wii More Fun

New Add-Ons For Ultimate Wii Gaming

With more than 68 million consoles sold in three years, Nintendo’s Wii is without a doubt the world’s most popular gaming machine—and with good reason. With its wireless controller, or Wii mote, gamers can not only zap aliens and zombies with buttons but use hand motions to bowl, drive, hit homers, and play golf.

The well known secret to its success during the past three years is that the Wii mote controller can relay movements that control the action. It also fits into a variety of inexpensive accessories that can transform the controller into just about anything developers can imagine, such as a football, a pool cue, a gun, a musical instrument, or a snowboard.

There’s even a stationary bicycle accessory in the works from BigBen Interactive, complete with handle bars and brakes that has riding trips on land, through the air, or under water. It’s obviously for those who like to ride but want to avoid the hassle of fixing a flat tire.

We’ve gathered together three of the newest and most innovative Wii add-ons, including CTA Digital’s Football for Wii, Hyperkin’s Sound Plus line of sports equipment, and Thrustmaster’s T-Freestyle NW snowboard. They add an extra dimension to the Wii games, making them more realistic. Ultimately, they represent three ways you (or your kids) can get more life out of your Wii.

The good news is that these accessories are nothing more than shells that use the Wii electronics that you already have. As a result, they sell for between $20 and $30 or about what you’d pay for a new game.

By making the game seem more realistic and natural, the payoff is that the Wii becomes more exciting and fun to use. And, isn’t that what it’s all about?